Tips on Career Research Project for Middle School

As a middle school student, nobody expects you to have a straightforward plan for your future because a lot of adults still have a hard time figuring out what they want their future to look like. This confusion in later years has led to several people leading unfulfilled lives with barely enough to survive.

To avoid the lack of fulfilment that might arise in the future due to missed opportunities, schools have decided to allow middle school students take on career research projects. The career research project middle school students are made to take on is a good way to get the students involved in their future careers and play an active role in determining their success.

Useful Tips on Career Research Project Middle School Students Need

In writing a good essay, there are certain steps that need to be followed, whether you are writing for the first time or if you have enough experience. All of these steps will help you write a career research project that will not only win the hearts of your readers, but also give you a good idea of what your future might look like. Some of these steps and tips are as follows:

 1. Pick a Career

It seems unfair to just ask you to pick a career without any information about what careers are available to you, therefore, there are several ways to pick a career that suits you. Two ways to find the right career for you are:

  • Fill out online career inventories

You can find a career that fits you online by taking any of the tests and quizzes you find. They will help you compare your skill set with the plethora of information available online and find the best path for you.

  • Fill out offline career inventories

Just like with online inventories, you have to take tests and quizzes that may be provided by your school, to find a career path that suits you.

 2. Find Information on Your Chosen Career Path

The best way to know about the path you have chosen is to gather information. Get details and data from both offline and online sources. Gather as much as possible and take in every information you find.

Ask questions from people already along that career path and note the advantages and disadvantages of pursuing that career.

 3. Create an Outline

After gathering information, group them by level of importance or intensity. The stronger points should come first, before the weaker ones. Be sure to include everything in your outline, as it will guide you in your writing.

 4. Fit in the Pieces

Now, follow your outline and write down every piece of information you have gathered. You can add a few things you missed out, but make sure you follow the steps of your outline.

 5. Proofread Thoroughly

When you are done writing, read your essay over again. This way, you can find the areas where you might have made mistakes, or places you need to edit. Afterwards, your paper is ready to be submitted.

Outline for Career Research Project Middle School

A good outline should look like this:

  • Introduction: Share some information about you and your career choice.
  • Body: This is where you write down all the relevant information you have gathered.
  • Conclusion: Wrap up your paper by highlighting the key points you have written down.


As a middle school student, your career research project is a key part of your education and future, so put in the effort needed for a solid future.